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Good software projects are a journey – not a destination. Visit Software Mage to learn about the steps that lead to successful software projects, explore resources and tools to aid your journey, and find consultants to assist when you need extra help!

Get your house in order and identify your project owner and key contributors. Document your existing landscape so you know where you are starting.


Project requirements are defined, the RFP is executed, and a vendor is selected for the new system.


The selected vendor is engaged and detailed plans are prepared for the implementation of the new system.


The new system is implemented and tested against your design and requirements in preparation for launch. Data is remediated, migrated, and validated in the new system.


The new system is placed into production.


Remember, this is a journey! Once launched it is important to support your users and have plans to maintain the new system, adapt to changing conditions and position your organization for long-term success.

Support & Grow

Don’t forget the data! Every system depends on quality data to drive good outcomes. Evaluate the state of your data as early as possible and take steps to ensure quality. If you are feeling brave, implement Data Governance.

Data, Data, Data
What is Software Mage?

Software Mage will guide you through the software selection process so smoothly, it will seem like magic!

Software Mage includes:

Requirements Builder

Answer simple, straightforward questions about your organization and let Software Mage develop a comprehensive matrix of system requirements.

Use the matrix as part of your RFP and to develop other project documentation such as user stories, testing scripts, and progress tracking.

RFP Builder

Software Mage creates a customized RFP to provide vendors with key project components. Schedule for selection and implementation including system evaluation criteria and budget worksheets that allow you to make comparisons across vendors.

Business Process Continuity

Document where your organization’s IT systems started before system selection and map where they are going to enable staff to easily access and reference a historical record of the organization’s technology.

Project Document Repository

System selection and implementation creates a lot of paperwork! Let Software Mage store your important project documents such as Final Contracts, Master Service Agreements (MSA), and Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Software Mage Best Practice Resources Center & Vendor Directory

Selection and implementation best practices along with other helpful tools are included in the Resource Center to assist you on the journey through the selection and implementation process.

System Selection and Project Management Tips

As you go through the process, Software Mage provides you with tips and help guides to keep you on track to making informed decisions.

Software Mage will guide you through the software selection process so smoothly, it will seem like magic!

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